Sauveterre de Bearn

Park of endangered plant species and endangered animals

Botanical Garden (Mixture of Arboeretum `*, Fruticetum * * Pinetum)

Tropical Garden

Aviary showrooms

Room for medical emergencies




Recreation Area

Our mission

is to create an Eco-Park that gives people the opportunity to learn about local flora and fauna and to relax in nature.

Our vision

is to create a park based on the ideas and values of people who run the park. We want people in the park who see the park as their livelihood so that their contribution as a positive example remains in the memory of every visitor, for the preservation and treatment of nature and the proper keeping of animals. Values, beliefs, behaviors and the corporate culture of the Saint Jaques Ecopark

Our people

We want to run a park with people who focus on people Love what you do and value your work and the work with others.

Make a difference - Add value to our life How you can contribute

We want people who :

  • want to add value to peoples life
  • Understand that the next generation is coming up
  • Share the value system, have an entrepreneur mind
  • integrate the local business and people
  • know the local community and business world.

Be local and connect within a global world.

The Facilities

The park will also include an information center of the local nature and animals. In addition to information about original tree and fruit cultures.
Threatened wildlife is explained to visitors through lectures and examples of permaculture. Lectures and seminars that give the shops in the area the opportunity to present their services and products to the visitors of the park.

Marketing / Social Media

The information and lectures that are recorded and shared on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the Apex World Portals.
Year-round Camps for kids, teens, and students with peer-to-peer activities within the park.


This project is prefinanced by the Apex World and Alpha Academy Public Academy
To boost our capital we will apply for government and organisational grants. We will set up partnerships with local businesses through sponsorship.


This project will benefit the local population by serving as an educational tool for schools and universities, as well as the general public. It will add a tourist attraction to the area, thus inciting tourists to prolong their stay, profiting the tourist industry (restaurants, hotels, ...). We are connected to more than 300 universities. Our project will help raise awareness about the area.

Thank you for your trust and support
Gabriella Lange-LaVincci
Tel. 0034 664 744 962